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Boity shares her diet and exercise tips

Graye Morkel |
24 June 2015
Boity shares her diet and exercise tips

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably trying to get your summer body ready during winter. Who better to ask for advice from than Club 808 host, Boity Thulo

Yesterday Boity showed off her perfectly toned midriff to the world. And why wouldn’t she?  Her workout regime and healthy eating habits have been paying off big-time, and we just had to know her secret.      

We had a very relaxed conversation over the phone and she’s every bit as sweet and charming as you’d think. Going into the interview I thought her impressive figure would be the result of grueling training sessions and a complicated kilojoule-restricting diet, but I was totally wrong.

She started off by making it very clear that there’s a definite difference between being healthy and being skinny. ‘I’ve always been built in a naturally fit way, but I only started making a real effort to be healthy about 2 years ago.’

She also admits that being in front of the camera and in the public eye is definitely a motivation to stay in shape. 


During winter it’s especially difficult to stay away from the high kilojoule comfort food but Boity says that it’s all in the mind. ‘Your tummy doesn’t see seasons. You have to make a commitment to stick to making better choices.’

Believe it or not, Boity isn’t on any diet or strict eating plan and she says it all comes down to a good balance and making healthier choices. ‘Health is not a diet, but a lifestyle, and you just keep learning as you go along on your journey.’ She makes a point to tell me that she eats fast food and she likes Nandos. ‘But instead of reaching for the rolls, chips and starchy foods, I’ll fill up on loads of protein and veggies.’

She laughs when she tells me she loves cinnabons and can sometimes eat two at a time. But then she quickly reiterates the importance of not overindulging and eating those unhealthy foods in moderation.

She doesn’t keep any chocolates in her home. ‘Don’t tempt yourself in your space and instead stock up on nutritious alternatives.’ Boity especially enjoys naartjies and told us that she can eat bags of it. She also keeps almonds, rice cakes and green tea nearby.


And in keeping true to her down-to-earth nature, she also doesn’t have a personal trainer. She likes to jog and exercises at home with affordable equipment like resistance bands, dumbellls and her favourite, ankle weights.  

‘You don’t need big machines, personal trainers or anything extreme to get in shape,’ she says. Instead Boity uses the internet to find workout tutorials and training programmes. ‘Your body does all the work, you just need a little assistance.’

Weight loss tip:

Her biggest weight loss tip is drinking lemon water. She cuts one lemon in thick slices, puts it in a cup of warm water and drinks this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. ‘This helps flush out your system.

‘But don’t think that you can eat what you want and then drink lemon water!’ 

Catch Boity on Club 808 Fridays at 6PM and follow her on Twitter and Instagram to follow her summer body mission! You can also meet her, in the flesh, on the #eKasiTourBloem in Bloemfontein on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 June 2015.