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#Matatiele’s Top 5 YOH! moments

28 September 2015
#Matatiele’s Top 5 YOH! moments, Matatiele, Matatiele finale

Re-watch some of the most memorable moments from season one before the Matatiele finale on Tuesday, 29 September at 9:05PM. 

We’re gearing up to say goodbye to Lefa and Nonhle as Matatiele season 1 ends on Tuesday, 29 September at 9:05PM.

But what a season! Here are some of the highlights, what’s your favourite?

Watch the Matatiele finale Tuesday, 29 September at 9:05PM.

1. The time Nontle announced she was pregnant from none other than Lefa Monaheng


2. When Lefa and Nontle were the epitome of #RelationhipGoals


3. OMG. When Nontle nearly died from poisoning.


4. When AusBeauty was literally the worst mother in law ever. Ugh!


5. And of course, the birthmark! How can a mark freak us all out this much though? Yoh!


What are some of your favourite Matatiele moments from season one?

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