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The Alliance finale

15 June 2016

Don’t miss the final episode of The Alliance tonight at 9:30PM.

The drama started when Bra Jay’s daughter, Nandi, got kidnapped at her 21st birthday party. A heartbroken Bra Jay tried with no luck to find his only daughter and the people behind the kidnapping.

At the time of the kidnapping Bra Jay was also busy closing a massive diamond deal. He pulled it off, but his victory was short-lived when he discovered that the biggest heist has been pulled on him. This brought The Russian and his cronies to town, in search for the missing diamonds.  

With a price on Nandi’s head the kidnappers called the shots. They were after the diamonds which Bra Jay didn’t have. Bra Jay then established that one of his trusted allies, Tsetse, stole the diamonds from him. But Tsetse was gunned down by the corrupt investigating officer Malan who then took the diamonds. Bra Jay figured this out, got the diamonds from Malan and then shot him dead in cold blood.

Last week he exchanged the diamonds to get Nandi back.

But tonight The Russian is back in town and wants Bra Jay dead unless he helps him get back what is his. Can Bra Jay get his diamonds back?

And a mistake from Bra Jay's past comes back to haunt him full force. How will this end for him?

Don’t miss the final episode of The Alliance tonight at 9:30PM.