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#AshesToAshesFinale: How will it all end?

31 August 2016

So many questions: will a baby be sacrificed? Will Mandlakazi make it out alive? Watch the gripping Ashes To Ashes finale on Friday, 2 September at 8PM. 

The twins have finally arrived, but what a mess they’ve been born into. Barely a day old and the little ones lives have already been at risk when Mam’Mazibuko tried to kidnap one of the twins.

Will she get away with the baby girl, or can Reba stop her?

But even if the baby is saved from Mam’Mazibuko, the twins are still not safe.

Hlongwane will only release Mandlakazi once one of the new Namane twins are sacrificed.

Will Tsietsi risk his new-born’s life to save his mother?

And will Mandlakazi make it out alive at all?

Plus, Selo makes a confession, will he be sent to prison for it?

Watch the dramatic Ashes To Ashes finale this Friday, 2 September at 8PM.