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Thato is kidnapped!

30 January 2017

Mark wakes up to find his son, Thato, has been kidnapped. Heist, Tuesdays at 9:30PM. 

Last week, Flash went to see 5Bob in prison with the motive to kill him. Just as Flash fired a shot – Irvin also showed up and shot him. Flash died on the scene.

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Of course Irvin didn’t take the blame, instead he told the police that 5Bob was shot by a walk-in assassin. Tjo!

Meanwhile, 5Bob was rushed to hospital under strict police guard. But after he underwent surgery, he escaped from hospital.

Tonight, 5Bob calls Thembi, Mark’s baby mama, and says that he kidnapped their son, Thato. And the only way they will get him back safe and alive is if Mark gives him R10 million - his share of the heist money that Bra Talent hid away.

Will Mark find the money in time to save his son?

Catch Heist, Tuesdays at 9:30PM. #Heist