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#Heist: Thembi goes to the police

13 February 2017

After seeing Merci’s face all over the news, Thembi goes to the police and tells them everything she knows. Heist, Tuesdays at 9:30PM. 

Last week Merci figured out where 5Bob might be holding Thato captive. Meanwhile, Mark tried to figure out the clue Bra Talent left him and ended up in the church. After he prayed to God to keep his son safe, the pastor came up to him and said the exact words Bra T wrote in the note: “Only in the house of the lord can we find our own redemption.”

The pastor then pointed to the cross in the church and told Mark that “our king of kings died on the cross for our salvation”. Mark then walked over to the cross, lifted it up and found the rest of the heist money stashed underneath it.  

When he got home he didn’t tell Merci about the money he found, instead, he followed her lead as they set off to find 5Bob.

But tonight, after Thembi spilled the beans to the police, they are hot on Mark and Merci’s trail.

Will they be caught before they find Thato?

Watch Heist, Tuesday at 9:30PM to find out!