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#Heistfinale: When all is said and done!

7 March 2017

Irvin chases Mark down the street with bullets flying! Don’t miss the finale of Heist tonight at 9:30PM. 

Nine dead bodies and the police still have no leads. Back at the township, Mark is running for his life as Irvin wants him dead.

It’s the ultimate showdown! Who will be the last man standing?

Season 2 of Heist kicked off with a bang with the gang members living large and failing to keep their new life of luxury under the radar.

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Bra Talent then called them to order and refused to give them the rest of their share until they lie low. But this didn’t sit well with the gang as they desperately wanted the rest of their cut! This lead to the gang turning on one another.

Irvin figured out who stole the money – and one by one he targeted them.

How will it all end: Will Irvin get to Mark or can the police get to him first?

Tune in tonight at 9:30PM to find out. #Heistfinale