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This week on Gold Diggers

20 March 2017

Ruth’s health deteriorates, Dimpho seduces Ronald and Lucky makes a shocking discovery. Gold Diggers, weekdays at 8PM.


Jill struggles with the aftermath of her decision. After a confrontation with a friend, Credo earns himself a new enemy. Dimpho hatches a plan that could divide the Gumede brothers. The Gumede family make a plea to their ancestors.


Funeka is afflicted in her dreams and realises she must pay the Gumedes a visit. Ruth’s health deteriorates. Jill wakes up from a night of drinking and finds a familiar face in her bed.

This is what happened last week on Gold Diggers.

Jill and Titus come to blows. Rev Moloi and Ruth have a heart-to-heart. Titus admits to harming Edmund.

May saves Titus from a horrendous attack. Rev Moloi is confused and disheartened when Ruth sends him mixed messages. Lucky warns Ronald about Dimpho. A scuffle ensues between Big Boy and Titus’ thugs.

Dimpho seduces Ronald. Lucky makes a shocking discovery. Dikeledi tries to play matchmaker but it blows up in her face.

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