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Inside the #ZbondiweFinale

6 September 2017

The last episode of Z’bondiwe aired on e.tv last night and in case you missed it, this is what happened.

Last week, Roxanne snuck into Melusi’s house with the help of Ntando. This week on the finale she pulled a gun on Melusi and Yandisa while Ntando tied them up.

When Killer heard the commotion he made his way downstairs – but sadly he was shot and killed!

Roxanne found Thulani just as Hilda arrived with Myekeni following close behind her.

Luckily Ntando managed to get Roxanne and the baby to safety without anyone seeing them.

A shootout left Melusi and Hilda dead, but the police managed to arrest Myekeni.

Plus, Max was found! Wounded, but alive and returned to safety with Palesa.

But what really got us was the last scene where Yandisa looked at Ntando, Roxanne and their baby. She was the real victim at the end of the day.

We wished to have seen the last of Roxanne’s sister and aunt, their storylines sort of just ended abruptly with no climax.

But the finale was satisfying enough, at least Roxanne got her baby back, Killer is really dead this time and Myekeni is behind bars.

Farewell, Z’bondiwe. We will miss you!