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Zoo returns for season 2

23 September 2017

An all-new season of the wildest drama will hit our screens on Wednesday, 27 September at 8:30PM.

In season 1 a genetic mutation turned animals into hunters killing thousands of people with the mutation also spreading to humans.

Jackson, Abe, Mitch, Chloe, and Jamie took it upon themselves to find a cure and save the animal kingdom. Jackson eventually found a leopard den in Zimbabwe and a cub which was still Reiden-free. But as they were flying back to Washington, their plane crashed and everything changed.

Jackson, Abe, Mitch and Chloe signed non-disclosure agreements in exchange for immunity. Abraham worked as a bodyguard against the animals, while Jackson and Chloe are working with a government official Amelia Sage.

The team also believed Jamie was dead, but she was actually rescued by a fisherman and is trapped in his house.

Jamie then got hold of a satellite phone and called Mitch and told him that a fisherman rescued her and the leopard from the plane crash.  

On the season finale, the gang reunited and made their way to Jamie, but encountered a large group of animals.

In season 2 the team will try to rescue Jamie and the leopard whose DNA may hold the key to curing the animal crisis. But when they arrive in New Brunswick, animals have already overrun the house and killed the fisherman, while Jamie fled into the forests. 

Will Jackson and the team find Jamie and the leopard? But more importantly, can they make the breakthrough and save the animal kingdom?

Watch the trailer below:

Don’t miss the premiere of Zoo on Wednesday, 27 September at 8:30PM. #Zoo