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SA's Got Talent goes airborne this Sunday

9 October 2017

Get ready for top acts and familiar faces. SA’s Got Talent, Sundays at 6:05PM. 

This week's episode features some hair-raising acts that defy gravity and have the audience and judges in awe of their talent – but are they good enough to claim the big prize?

The SA’s Got Talent judges cast their eyes high into the sky this Sunday as tight-rope walkers, aerial acrobats, pole dancers and a host of other variety acts take over the show. Having seen two acts  - AnecNote and Fazlyn Naidoo – nab coveted Golden Buzzer spots over the past few weeks, these gravity-taming newcomers have high hopes of joining them.

Magician duo Mystique return to SA's Got Talent in the hope of impressing the judges this time round 

Sipho Six shows off his impressive freestyle football skills for the judges and audience

A number of contestants from previous seasons have returned bringing new and revitalised performances to the stage, in the hope of succeeding where they failed before. 

Some of them have taken on board the judges’ comments from their previous appearances – and some are just back to try their luck… See who flies and who flops this Sunday on SA's Got Talent.

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