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Harvest series finale

Lwazi Mluma |
22 October 2017

Will the widows come out top, or will Lindiwe destroy them? Harvest series finale, tonight at 9:30PM.

We’re really sad to be saying goodbye to Harvest tonight, but at the same time we’re excited about the drama and thrill waiting for us in the finale!

In the series finale, Celia, Clementine and Tshepiso listen to a recording left by Richard, which they think will get them off the hook. But the lead investigator of the Special Tactics Unit says it’s nothing but BS.  

This means that they need a new plan.

So, mastermind Celia decides to pretend that she, Clementine and Tshepiso were just dumb wives. She pins everything on Lindiwe, claiming that she was behind the murders, the weed farm and the nyaope dealings.

But they need proof. How will they get it?

Catch the series finale on Monday, 23 October at 9:30PM to get all the answers. #HarvestFinale