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#Zoo finale

29 November 2017

Season 2 of Zoo comes to an end in an emotional finale this Wednesday, 29 November at 8:30PM.

Mitch and Jamie hatch a daring plan to undermine the Noah objective, and the team reunite on the Island of Pangaea where Mitch and Robert put the final pieces of the cure in place.

The cure is given to birds to distribute across the globe. But just as they are set loose, Jamie realises that the Noah Objective has been launched after all.

Will Jackson and the team be able to stop the Noah objective or is it over for good?

Then in a twist of events another team member dies. Who will it be and how will everyone cope and move on?

We then fast-forward 10 years into the future, and we see Abe meeting a young woman who informs him that hybrid attacks are getting worse and she needs his help.

Who is this woman and will Abe agree to help her after everything he’s been through?

Guess there will be a season 3 on the cards and we cannot wait!

Tune in for a tear-jerking season finale of #Zoo on Wednesday, 29 November at 8:30PM.