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#ChicagoPD: Voight’s past is haunting him

28 January 2018

Commander Fischer informs Voight that Bunny is bringing up new accusations on a case from his past. Chicago P.D. Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Last week Erin informed her mom that she thinks they need time apart. This didn’t sit well with Bunny and she told her daughter it sounded like Voight put her up to this.

Bunny then went down to the police station with evidence against Voight for witness tampering in a case involving James Beckett.    

Tonight the commander tells Hank and Erin to deal with Bunny before the case makes its way to his desk.

Erin tries to talk sense into her mother, but according to Bunny, Hank put an innocent man in prison and she can’t live with the lie anymore.

Can Hank and Erin convince Bunny not to go ahead with this case?

Or will James be released from jail?

Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM. #ChicagoPD