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#ChicagoPD: Is Ruzek’s career in danger?

13 February 2018

After a botched undercover job, Ruzek is under scrutiny by the new Street Deputy. Chicago P.D., Tuesdays at 8:30PM.

Tonight, Ruzek meets Jesse, one of his informants, and a guy called Frank at a bar. Jesse tells Ruzek that Frank is planning a robbery and is looking to hire someone to help him. But Jesse called this meeting with Ruzek at the last minute, and when he wanted to inform Voight about it, he didn’t answer his phone. Eek!

After a couple of beers, Frank tells Ruzek the two of them must go for a drive. Next thing, Frank drives straight into a building! He gets out and starts shooting at people and escapes in a getaway car.

It turns out Frank knew a robbery was taking place and he killed the two men who were busy robbing a jewellery store. He even got away with $2 million worth of jewellery.

When Voight and the Intelligence Unit arrive on the scene, Ruzek knows he’s in serious trouble because he went with his informant without back-up.

What implications will this case have on Ruzek’s career? But more importantly, can the Intelligence Unit track Frank down?

Find out on Chicago P.D. at 8:30PM. #ChicagoPD