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Easy Money: Things fall apart

Lwazi Mluma |
13 February 2018

As things become more chaotic, Khosi tries to turn investors against Pharaoh Investments. Easy Money, Mondays & Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

But her plan fails dismally as the investors feel they’ve invested too much to bite the hand that feeds them. Khosi and Leano have now come to a crossroad and must decide which path they will follow.   

Dipuo feels betrayed by Leano and pulls a gun on him. Will she pull the trigger?

Meanwhile, Moagi is a child left unattended and decides to run away from home, and Zee takes joy in Khosi’s failures.

The FCU finally arrests Mr. Eddy, but they don’t have enough evidence to keep him jailed. So they release him which makes Khosi live in fear.

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