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This week on Broken Vows

19 February 2018

Damian and Tshiamo are forced to make a final decision about their future and Lydia tries to block Dudu from spending time with Uhuru. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6PM.


In a life or death moment, Damian and Tshiamo are forced to make a final decision about their future together. Chris finally learns why Uhuru won’t tell him where Azania is.


Dudu must overcome Lydia’s attempts to block her from spending more time with Uhuru. Lulu gets an unexpected request from Chulu and doesn’t know how to react. Chris catches Brandon snooping around.

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Lydia punishes Dudu for seeing Uhuru behind her back. When Dudu is invited to an interview to promote her singing, she ropes Thandi in to distract Lydia, so she can escape. Lulu agonises over whether to move in with Chulu and listens to different views on him from a number of people. Chris is upset enough with the Moswanes shutting him out to reconsider Brandon’s proposal of spying on Uhuru.



In a bid to help Dudu, Thandi puts her cousin’s happiness ahead of her own. Lulu cuts Thandi out when she cautions her that things are moving too quickly with her and Chulu. Brandon struggles with his decision to find Azania by himself.



The triangle between Thandi, Dudu and Uhuru intensifies as they all confront their true feelings about each other. Chulu works hard to lure Lulu back into his life. Chris lives a lie in order to get Azania to come back home.

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