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This week on Broken Vows

27 February 2018

Dudu tells Thandi that she kissed Uhuru and Ace has a plan to save Yours Truly. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6PM on eExtra.

Azania is extremely worried about Chris. Dudu reveals to Thandi that she kissed Uhuru, and Ace finds out about a disturbing new development that could affect the business.

The fallout over Chris and Brandon’s phone tapping endangers Brandon’s plans. Azania takes action when she sees how insecure Lulu is. The construction next door to Yours Truly starts to affect the business. Uhuru is in a tailspin after his kiss with Dudu.

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Chris does some things he might regret. Lulu gets a taste of Chulu’s rage. Sisanda notices some tension between Uhuru and Dudu. Ace approaches Thandi with a plan to save Yours Truly.  

Brandon gate-crashes Chris’ secret meeting. Chulu’s decisions change - but for the worse. Lydia advises Thandi not to take Ace’s help. Lydia gets a strange message from the other side.

Azania fights to keep her marriage together, while Brandon is pushed to the limit by his dead mother’s influence. Lulu finds herself in a hopeless position. A defiant Dudu makes a bold move to prove a point.

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