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This week on Broken Vows

27 March 2018

In the grand finale of Broken Vows, Thandi and Uhuru get married and someone dies! Broken Vows, weekdays at 6PM on eExtra


While helping to protect Lulu from Chulu, Thandi realises the repressed anger boiling inside of her is coming from the last place she expected. While struggling to continue her investigation on Caiphus, Lydia retreats back to the comfort of the bottle, at the expense of being there for her daughter.


Thandi cannot accept that Lulu is going back to her abuser, Chulu. Uhuru makes Thandi realise that there’s nothing more she can do - something he learned from her. However, Uhuru makes a last attempt to get Lulu away from Chulu. Will Lulu tell Uhuru the truth and risk her reputation? Or will she stay with Chulu?

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Thandi has a huge surprise for Uhuru. Lydia finds out some unnerving details about Mlungisi. Sinayo and Lulu go after Chulu.


Thandi and Uhuru’s wedding finally goes ahead, leading to Ace’s downfall and exile from the family. When Lydia confronts Mlungisi about his dark past, begging for his cooperation to bring peace to Caiphus’ spirit, Mlungisi gets cold feet and turns her down, leaving her at a frustrating dead end after getting so close to the full truth.


Its day two of Thandi and Uhuru’s wedding and a special guest arrives for the celebrations. Lydia is confronted with the complete truth of what happened to Caiphus. But there’s one last piece to the puzzle that needs to be put in place.

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