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19 July 2018
Nirupa and Thu Sheleni

Nirupa finally tells Thu Sheleni that she is his aunt and Zenzele comes clean to Buhle about his criminal background. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Zakithi advises Zithulele to tell Ngcolosi he’s resigned. Meanwhile, Nirupa tries to give Thu Sheleni new clothes and Buhle tells Zenzele they need to keep their romance a secret.


Ngcolosi isn’t at all pleased to be blind-sided at a board meeting. He tries to consolidate his power with Nganono and confronts Zithulele about resigning. Thu Sheleni is stunned when Nirupa offers to pay for him to go to university. Buhle is mortified when Zithulele questions Zenzele about his intentions with her.


Ngcolosi demands that Zithulele report back to work at Maluju but Zithulele stands his ground. Zakithi asks MaNdlovu for insight into her father’s thinking and is surprised to realise it might be based in love. Thu sheleni finds a new place but Nomusa sneaks an inspection of it and instantly decides he cannot live there. Buhle tells Zenzele she wants to come clean to her family.

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Hooligans pitch up at Emsamo and harass both Lindiwe and Buhle, which sees Zenzele setting them straight. Zithulele seeks counsel from his uncle about returning to Maluju Oil, but doesn’t get the answers he expects. And after being confronted by Thu Sheleni, Nirupa finally relents telling him who she is.


Thu Sheleni is hurt by Nirupa’s request to keep their relationship secret.  Zithulele rejects Ngcolosi’s offer to return to Maluju, but Ngcolosi pulls rank and insists that Zithulele comes back. Zenzele confides in Buhle that he comes from a family with a criminal background.

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