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4 Reasons why we love Dintle

Lwazi Mluma |
1 August 2018

Love her or hate her! Dintle has some of the best lines known to soapie-land. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

If you thought kids say the funniest things, you clearly have not been paying attention to Dintle’s script. Sometimes she makes us cringe, but in most cases she has us cracking with laughter.

Here are some of the reasons why we love Dintle:

1. When it comes to stupidity 

Dintle is definitely not the brightest spark in the room. In fact, she confessed that she loves school, but school doesn’t love her. Remember when she was selling diamonds and was asked if she had a certificate? She replied by asking if they meant a matric certificate!

2. She’s quick to think on her feet

As slow as she can be at times, Didi’s quick to think on her feet. When she was coming on to Mthunzi, she started talking business and even proposed a merger between Thebe Holdings and New Horizons. Guess they do not call her “Double D” (Dintle Delivers) for nothing!

3. When it comes to self-confidence 

Dintle may lack many things, but she doesn’t lack self-confidence. She has proclaimed that Kim Kardashian’s behind has nothing on hers. Didi recently told Romeo that men are so into her that she couldn’t understand why Mthunzi chose Xolile over her bootylicious body!

4. On name calling 

When it comes to name calling, Dintle doesn’t cut any corners. She named her daughter, Jewel, short for jewellery as she’s precious to her. Because of her, we now know Layla as “Gogo-Layla” while Romeo is affectionately known as “Roro.” She once called Quinton the only “Yellow-bone” she’s ever slept with. And when YV was wearing a dress with pearls, Dintle sarcastically called her Pearl Thusi. Hlengiwe is now a skinny latte. 

Phew! You’d swear Dintle writes her own script.

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