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The effect of 'black tax' on Hlengiwe

Lwazi Mluma |
2 August 2018

The renowned investigative journalist is one of many South Africans under enormous pressure to provide for their families. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Hlengiwe grew up in a small village in Mpumalanga where she lived with her parents, her sister and her three children, and her cousins.

But because Hlengiwe’s family sent her to university by funding her studies with her father’s pension fund, she feels it’s her responsibility to take care of them.

Hlengiwe has paid for her cousin to further her studies at university, and she also sends money to her parents to buy groceries and to pay for other expenses on a monthly basis.

“My family used my father’s pension money to pay for my education. So, I’ll always feel responsible for their well-being,” Hlengiwe told Nyiko.

Just when Hlengiwe had saved enough money to buy her very first apartment, disaster struck in her home village, resulting in her family losing their home.

It turns out the money Hlengiwe has been sending home to pay for the house insurance has been used by her mother for other expenses. Now the insurer won’t pay.

Should Hlengiwe put her dreams of buying her own home on hold and help her family rebuild theirs?

Her story is no different from that of many young black South Africans, but when should one draw the line?

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