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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

6 September 2018

Maharaj tries to trick Nirupa into signing Pranav’s shares over to him, KaMadonsela wants to adopt Jabulile’s baby and Thu Sheleni is back!  Imbewu: The Seed, 9:30PM.


Maharaj continues to worm his way into the family’s good graces. He is caught purging through Pranav’s things. Nirupa refuses to listen to Ngcolosi’s warning about a treacherous Maharaj and his intentions. Zithulele’s new position at the company creates tension within the family.


The Rampesards prepare for the worst as Pranav may have irreversible brain damage, but this might just play into Maharaj’s favour as he further draws them into his spell. Again, the Rampesards are warned about Maharaj but the plea fall on deaf ears. It turns out the man who might save Pranav is in Maharaj’s cob web. Khanyo discovers KaMadonsela’s adoption desires and her deep pain at not giving Phakade a son. Things take a twist as MaZulu discovers something about the Emsamo hostage drama.  


While Buhle confesses about Zenzele, MaZulu resolves to keep a secret from Ngcolosi. Things are penning out well for Maharaj as the Rampersads fall deeper under his spell. Zakithi assures Ngcolosi he is right about Maharaj. Shria’s attempts to rekindle things with Nganono are rejected. KaMadonsela decides against the adoption but Khanyo tries to convince her not to after she [Khanyo] has discovered something about Jabulile. 

This is what happened last week on Imbewu:  The Seed.


MaCingwane warns Zithulele about keeping the secret. A conflicted Zithulele fails to subtly dissuade his siblings from putting too much stock in their ties to their father. Phakade expresses displeasure at the idea of KaMadonsela adopting. Maharaj plans to trick Nirupa into signing Pranav’s shares over to him, but fails when Pranav as Pranav’s hospital condition improves. MaNdlovu reassures Nirupa that Nganono and Shria are over.


At least there is some hope for the Rampesards but Maharaj is hard at work trying to get Nirupa to sign over Pranav’s shares to him. Maharaj calls an impromptu board meeting, but Ngcolosi is left perplexed when nothing sinister comes of it. Zithulele’s strange behaviour  becomes a concern and KaMadonsela is thrilled by Phakade’s sudden change with regard to adoption but there is still a lot to be done to convince a third party. Thu Sheleni returns.

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