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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

11 September 2018
MaZulu, Phakade, MaJozi, Ngcolosi

Ngcolosi thinks MaZulu has been unfaithful when her old flame MaJozi arrives at the Bhengu household. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Zithulele convinces Bab’ Radebe to sell him Emsamo and asks Phakade to provide him with the capital. Mashenge and Jabulile agree to let KaMadonsela and Phakade adopt their child. Ngcolosi suspects that Mr. Maharaj is up to no good but struggles to get close to the truth. Nirupa worries how Pranav will feel about her when he recovers. After manipulating Nirupa to give up the shares, Mr. Maharaj finds a buyer and it’s none other than Zane!


Zane visits Ngcolosi and taunts him. Ngcolosi and Zakithi speculate about the motivation for Zane’s arrogance. They think Zane might be trying to worm his way back into Maluju but are at a loss as to how. Zakithi suspects there might be a connection to Mr. Maharaj and she looks to investigate. KaMadonsela is shocked when Jabulile’s mother wants an open adoption so they can still be involved in the baby’s life. Khanyo questions Phakade about whether he’s satisfied to have two daughters and no son. Zithulele is forced to accept that he can’t buy Emsamo.


MaZulu arrives to see Pranav, but when Nirupa reaches out to her, she’s is no mood to talk. KaMadonsela has a disagreement with Mashenge over the adoption, which sees her pleading with God for His help. Zakithi meets with the specialist, Dr. Walcott, and gets some dirt on Mr. Maharaj, who in the interim signs over Pranav’s shares to Zane. And Shria is forced to withstand some hard truths from her sister.

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Mr. Maharaj and Zane realise Ngcolosi must have taken the documents. When they confront him, they walk into a setup, Mr. Maharaj is taken away by the Arabs, while Zane is given final notice to stay away from Maluju. Meanwhile, KaMadonsela prepares for Futhi’s return. Admitting to Phakade she’s unsure what to do about the adoption. Ngcolosi begins to doubt MaZulu’s faithfulness when her old flame MaJozi shows up at their door. His fears are compounded when Zakithi tells a story of how MaZulu once left in a yellow car with an unknown man.  


Ngcolosi’s suspicions cast a shadow over his marriage. Futhi leads the church in a rousing crowd-pleasing service - but Phunyuka is not happy about it. Afterwards, he pricks at Futhi’s pride, before sowing seeds of discontent with another deacon. Phakade witnesses a tense exchange between Ngcolosi and MaZulu, and is disturbed to learn Ngcolosi is questioning MaZulu’s fidelity, a fact which also rattles MaNdlovu. Phakade accuses Zithulele of blabbing the secret to Ngcolosi but Zithulele denies it. Ngcolosi shocks MaZulu by raising the theory of her affair with MaJozi. But she is truly shocked when he asks her if Zithulele is his child.

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