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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

24 September 2018

Zithulele, MaZulu, MaNdlovu and Phunyuka try to sabotage the DNA test results and Pranav meets a woman. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


MaZulu and MaNdlovu must come to terms with the fact that Zithulele is now in on the secret - and he has a plan for how to thwart the paternity test. A wary MaNdlovu confronts Phakade for telling Zithulele but he insists it was necessary. Futhi faces some backlash when she announces plans to quit singing, leaving her conflicted about it. Nirupa struggles with having to take a tough-love approach with the bleak Pranav.


Nirupa experiences a breakthrough with Pranav after he manages to walk to the bedroom. Ngcolosi announces he’s going through with the paternity test much to Nganono’s disdain. Futhi struggles with her decision to quit the club but is called back to action by Shukela when the crowd demands her to sing. Phakade learns of this and goes after Futhi. Zithulele and MaZulu devise a plan to get Ngcolosi’s DNA sample in order to sabotage the test and preserve the family’s legacy.


MaZulu gives Zithulele the DNA sample she took from a sleeping Ngcolosi. MaZulu asks MaNdlovu whether she will protect her if Ngcolosi finds out the truth. The DNA test takes place and, much to his horror, Zithulele’s plan to swap his own sample with the one MaZulu gave him fails. KaMadonsela chides Futhi for disobeying her. Phunyuka calls a church meeting. Phakade is told that Futhi must step down from her training position. If she refuses, then Phakade will be removed as minister. Phakade tells KaMadonsela that he will not allow Phunyuka to bully him. Mira and Shria are happy to see both Pranav and Nirupa in a better space.

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Zithulele reveals the plan to swap out the DNA samples failed. Having no other choice, MaNdlovu convinces Phunyuka to break into the DNA lab. In the interim, she berates Ngcolosi for going through with the test in the first place. Later, Ngcolosi informs Pranav of Maharaj’s plan to sell his Maluju Oil shares, which sees Pranav accusing his wife of betraying him. Nirupa, however, realises that she’s been tricked into signing the power of attorney, and goes to Shria for help. And KaMadonsela encourages Futhi to resist standing firm in her calling to sing at Emsamo.


The air is tense in the Bhengu house as the DNA results are expected any moment. Pranav has a fight with Shria and Nirupa about them signing over power of attorney. He thinks they lied to him. He goes out to Emsamo with Aditi and meets a very interesting woman. Phakade tells his family they will not back down to Phunyuka.

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