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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

25 October 2018
Imbewu: The Seed

A devastated Zethu tells the entire Bhengu family that Nganono was the father of her unborn child and Ngcolosi fires Nganono from Maluju Oil. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Nganono tries to win Zethu over so she will keep the whole pregnancy issue quiet. Phunyuka is determined to find out who impregnated his daughter and goes to see MaKhumalo. Zakithi is livid to find that Nganono is not even at the office. Nirupa comes face to face with Melissa but she is not what Nirupa thought she would be. The battle lines are drawn between the two brothers when Ngcolosi pitches up at the church to find MaZulu with Phakade.


MaZulu continuously meeting with Phakade has upset everyone and KaMadonsela tells Phakade exactly how she feels. Ngcolosi confronts his wife about seeing Phakade behind his back, it’s a tense confrontation that not even a little white lie from MaZulu can fix. Zakithi knows that Nganono is the father of Zethu’s baby and uses the information to blackmail him. MaZulu wakes up with a bad rash and runs straight into Phakade’s arms for support. MaKhumalo receives a spine chilling message from Phunyuka’s ancestors.


MaNdlovu tells Ngcolosi that MaZulu wanted to leave him. Ngcolosi is successful in his attempt to work things out with MaZulu, he can’t bear losing her. Nirupa has made her decision. She tells Pranav that he needs to do what makes him happy even if it means being with Melissa. Zakithi presents a business deal to Ngcolosi while an angry Nganono looks on. Phunyuka pursues an investigation to find out who made Zakithi pregnant. Zethu gets a call from the doctor. She needs to come to the hospital to discuss her results. Ngcolosi has a dream. The ancestors are trying to tell him something.

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Doctor Sithole tells a stunned Zethu that the reason for her miscarriage was an abortion pill which she ingested. Zethu then remembers Nganono giving her a pill. Devastated, she reveals to the entire Bhengu family that Nganono was the father of her unborn child. The family is shocked and Ngcolosi is furious with Nganono. Nganono lies to Phunyuka and makes Phunyuka suspect that Bangizwe is the man who made Zethu pregnant. Phunyuka corners a fearful Bangizwe. Pranav ends his affair with Melissa and pines for Nirupa who refuses to communicate with him.



Nganono confronts Zethu for revealing he was the father. Only to learn that she knows about the abortion pills. MaZulu discusses the situation with MaNdlovu and discovers that Phunyuka knows the family secret. If Phunyuka finds out Nganono is the father, they are in trouble. MaZulu manipulates Zethu into agreeing to wait before she tells her father about Nganono. Meanwhile, Ngcolosi, against Zakithi and MaZulu’s wishes, decides to fire Nganono. He tells his son to be a man and face Phunyuka. Meanwhile, Pranav tries to explain his recent actions to Shria and Mira but gets a cold shoulder. Pranav realises he is all alone and Nirupa struggles with being alone.

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