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First look at Mpho Sibeko on Scandal!

9 November 2018

The actor is set to make his debut as pastor Samson Ngema this Friday, 9 November at 7:30PM.

This is what you can expect:

There’s a knock on the door at the Ngemas and Mlungisi doesn’t recognise the face he sees when he opens. The young man quickly reminds him who he is. It turns out he’s the son of Mlungisi’s younger brother who recently passed away.

Excited Mlungisi compliments the luxurious car Samson is driving and invites him in. Samson also comes bearing gifts which he hands over to Zinzile.

“Life's been good to me,” proclaims Samson.

The two have not seen each other for over 10 years, and Samson is shocked to hear about the death of his father.

Although we don’t get to see Samson’s true colours upon his arrival, he’s apparently charming, graceful, manipulative and convincing. Rumour has it that the young pastor is about to wreak havoc on Scandal!

We can’t wait!

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