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This week on Rhythm City

26 November 2018

Suffo tries to outwit Lerumo and David plans to sabotage Bongi. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Suffo tries to outwit Lerumo, but Lerumo is one step ahead of him. Blossom tries to broker peace. David sets up another trap for Bongi.


Lerumo comes with further demands and reveals his evil plan. Rene launches the Kleva campaign and gets help from an unexpected source. Bongi takes up David’s challenge to perform her new song.

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Suffo makes a new plan to meet Lerumo’s demands. David tries to sabotage Bongi’s performance. Rene inspires a young fan.


Suffo plans a heist to get the money for Lerumo. Mampho finds out that Rene is being body shamed online. David and Bongi make a truce.


Niki forces herself into the heist. Rene is shocked by what the reality show expects. Sabelo is stunned when he learns his neighbour got an RDP house.

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