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Are Mzi and Pearl getting back together?

14 December 2018

“Love is lovelier the second time around, just as wonderful with both feet on the ground,” Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM 

Will this be a wonderful fairy tale to be told of Mzi and Pearl? A happily ever after, perhaps? These are some of the points in question as tonight’s episode resurfaces Mzi and Pearl’s relationship.

Their love has stood a test of time, leading to times where there was almost no hope that they will ever reunite. The pair is from two toxic families as rivalry stands between the Ndlovu’s and the Genaro’s.

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Peace between the two families seems like a distant thing. Especially after Suffo stole David’s money in a desperate attempt to gather a ransom for Busi’s release.

As Suffo moves in to steal Genaro’s money to pay the ransom for Busi’s release, David will want to get to the bottom of who stole his money. Should the truth surface, it will heighten the level of hate between the two families, putting more dangers to Mzi and Pearl’s love story.

Will their love survive and weather the storm ahead?

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