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This week on Rhythm City

24 December 2018

David’s plan is falling into place, Mzi is involved in a terrible accident. Rhythm City weekday at 7PM.


David’s determination to prove that Mzi is worthless hits a new low. Blossom confronts Gadifele in prison. Mkhushulwa arrives for a surprise visit.


Gadifele arrives at Kop’s house during Christmas lunch. Mkhushulwa is up to no good. David needs a new strategy with Mzi.

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Kop plans his revenge, David’s plan is falling into place and Mampho gets wind of Mkhushulwa’s schemes.


Jafta and Mkhushulwa comes to blows. Kop and Sabelo plan Gadifele’s demise. Mzi has a terrible accident - literally.


Pastor Isaac tries to intervene on Gadifele’s behalf. Pearl and Mzi are freaking out after the accident. Jafta and Mkhushulwa are still at war.

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