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14 January 2019

Pearl fights for survival in Prison, but she gets deeper into hot water. At last, Kop and Gadifele make amends. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Mzi tries to stop Pearl from taking the rap for the accident, but she is adamant.

Blossom finds the gun in the house and wants Kop to get rid of it. David finds out that Pearl has been arrested and goes ballistic.

Pearl is preyed on by a very dodgy prisoner, and she has to fight for her life. Kop apologizes to Pastor Isaac, but finds out that Gadifele is living at the church.


Fats is faced with the dilemma of losing his chance with Valentine or doing what’s best for the club.  He soon learns that she can’t cook or clean to save her life.

Kop gets his chance for vengeance when he comes face to face with Gadifele. The results are not what he was emotionally prepared for. Meanwhile, David realises that his lust to control his family might just be the undoing of it.

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Kop battles whether to forgive Gadifele. He pays her one last visit at the hospital after finally deciding to forgive her.

Mzi is guilt-ridden and hates himself for letting Pearl take the bullet for him. Suffocate surprises him, when he tells him that he regards Pearl as part of their family.


Sabelo is proud of his new status in society as a responsible working man, but he is followed by a mysterious man who leaves without explanation.

Bongi is suspicious when she catches Lerato and David in a meeting before she gets her final divorce certificate.


Sabelo’s efforts to step up into his role as manager are seen and rewarded by Suffo, and he receives his own set of keys to the club.

Valentine continues her manipulation of Fats, but her plan is put in jeopardy when Fats notices that she stole an expensive bottle of wine.

Pearl is refusing to see David in prison, Bongi is convinced that he and Lerato are cooking something up against her. Lungile breaks into her house on the hunt for clues to prove his case.

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