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This week on Scandal!

27 May 2019

Quinton’s drawn into a dangerous entanglement. Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM.


Quinton is drawn into an adventurous entanglement. Xolile struggles with the role of fraught wife.

Gloria anticipates a big question.


Quinton is caught with his pants down.

A young man stands up to his mother and puts her in her place, but she turns her attention towards an unsuspecting victim.

Gloria gets a clue as to where and when the proposal will take place and readies herself.


Hlengiwe follows an intriguing lead to a mystery woman.

A mother and son protect someone close to them. A hopeful woman’s drams are dashed.


Shado is back and does something bold that shock’s Quinton.

Romeo has to think quickly to throw Lerumo off the scent. Gloria comes with a strategy to encourage Caiphus to propose.


Shado pushes boundaries and Hlengiwe sees something she wasn’t supposed to.

Dambisa makes a heartfelt gesture to her daughter in law but does not get the response she expected.

Gloria makes her big move on Caiphus.

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