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This week on Rhythm City

3 June 2019

Suffo tries to adjust to his new life. Mapula tries to help Banele. Rhythm City weekdays at 7pm.


Puleng makes a decision about whether to expose the affair.

Mapula visits Banele at the police station while Jamaica and Kop are at loggerheads.


Are Suffo and Puleng really at the end of the road?

Mapula tries to help Banele but can only do so much while Jamaica’s financial situation gets worse.


Jamaica and Mapula are both in desperate situations and they really need money.

For the first time in 10 years, Suffo tries to adjust to his new life without Puleng.


Bash has a new friend but something does not add up.

Mapula sneaks Banele into the Khuses house. Finally Kop loses it and teaches Jamaica a lesson.


Bash takes things to the next level with CC.

Things are not good at all in the Ndlovu household and Mzi moves out. Banele pleads his case at the university, and the war is still on between Jamaica and Kop.

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