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This week on Scandal!

3 June 2019

Quinton must own up to a dangerous secret passion. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.


Quinton must own up to a dangerous secret passion.

Chumani takes charge.  Gloria makes a drastic turn.


A young man’s resistance crumbles when he finds himself caught in between a lady and a tramp.

An impromptu therapist suggests the best remedy for a guilty conscience is divorce. A big misunderstanding threatens to end a happy relationship.                    


Quinton’s addiction takes over.

Brother and sister make a pact and Gloria lies and makes a painful decision.  


When Shado offers to clear the way before their liaison Quinton finds an excuse.

Xolile's anger affects everyone in the Langa world.  Gloria discovers a giant mistake. 


Quinton realizes he’s trapped in a dynamic he does not want.

Maternal jealousy rears its ugly head when Layla makes a professional relationship more personal. It looks like the end of the road for two Soweto love birds.

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