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This week on Scandal!

10 June 2019

Dintle is worried about what she sees under her roof as Shado sets a diabolical plan in motion. Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM.


Quinton starts to realise he is crossing the line separating infatuation and addiction.

Xolile lays down the law and ends up hurting someone with good intentions.

Gloria swearing revenge on the man who broke her heart.


Quinton comes up with a plan to sort out a problem and asks the most unlikely source for help.

Dambisa receives bad news.

Heart break leads Gloria to plot revenge against her former lover.


Quinton is compelled to play hero and protector while maintaining a big lie.

Xolile upsets Romeo by refusing to go along with his scheme while on the other side Gloria enlists Stokkies to be her spy.


Dintle is worried about what she sees happening under her roof. DIY you gotta fix this fast girlie.

Xolile fails to contain herself and her anger now affects everyone in the Langa world.

Gloria discovers a giant mistake.


Shado sets a diabolical plan in motion.

Maternal jealousy rears it ugly head when Layla makes a professional relationship more personal.

It looks like love has come to an end between two Soweto love birds.

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