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8 July 2019

50 Shades of Fear, the beginning of Mira’s worst nightmare. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


Zakithi steals Nkululeko’s cufflinks.

Navin makes Mira feel bad about herself and she cries. Upon finding out about this, Pranav confronts Navin but Mira defends him.

Phunyuka receives a package from Ngcolosi to deliver, what is it?


A curious Phunyuka asks Ngcolosi about the package.

Zakithi manipulates Nkululeko into helping her and they steal documents from Maluju. Mira is further brainwashed by Navin and she does not realise it.


Nkululeko betrays Ngcolosi and steals from his office.

Ngcolosi realises that someone stole from him and questions Nkululeko.

KaMadonsela goes to see a medical doctor but nothing wrong is detected. Navin is invited by the Rampersads to dinner but Mira comes to her rescue and tells him this might be a trap.


A furious Zakithi confronts Ngcolosi about the shares contract.

Zithulele finally end things with Andiswa after finding Zakithi’s watch from one of Mthunzi’s girls.

Mira’s secret is out. Shria on the other side tries to find dirt of Navin. Pranav wants to cancel Navin’s contract but Nerupa makes him reconsider.


Phakade has a vision of his dead father.

The vision Phakade had is disturbing him and he resorts to council from Macingwane.

KaMadonsela interprets the vision for Phakade. At Maluju Zakithi vents to Nkululeko, she breaks down and Nkululeko comforts her.

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