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This week on Rhythm City

15 July 2019

Pearl compromises her parole and does the unthinkable. David makes the worst mistake of his life. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Pearl goes off the deep end having found Mzi and Lerato in flagrante and does something that might compromise her parole.

Puleng toys with the idea of dropping her quest for her dad, but cannot stop herself. Could she really be as a result of rape? Could this be the reason Cuba is being so secretive?  


Suffocate is dangerously angry with Pearl for stabbing Mzi, but when he discovers that David was behind Lerato’s affair with Mzi, his enemy becomes his partner.

Lerato tells comes clean to Mzi and tells him that David blackmailed her into sleeping with him.

Puleng lets her mother walk out of her life, and as much as Cuba wants to keep Puleng close, she can’t bring herself to tell her the truth about her father.


Suffo persuades Pearl to carry out a mysterious plan.

Pearl comes back to David and this is her last chance to get revenge.

Cuba tells Puleng her father’s name and ends up revealing everything about Puleng’s father, at least her version.


Mzi is battling to come to terms with Pearl leaving.

His day goes from bad to worse when Pearl arrives to see Suffocate and not him. David takes Pearl back to Zer011, promising her, her job back but she tells him she does not want it.

Puleng is a wreck after hearing Cuba’s story about her father. She tells Cuba she wants to see her father so that she can spit in his face.


Pearl continues to keep Mzi at arm’s length, and this gives Lerato the opportunity to lure him in further.

David agrees and grants Pearl half his stake not knowing that he is making the worst mistake of his life.

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