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29 July 2019

The Bhengu’s are divided as the fight for Maluju continues. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


As the fight for the shares at Maluju intensifies, divisions resurfaces at the Bhengu house.
Futhi feels that they are owed what is theirs. Zakithi tells Phakade how Ngcolosi tricked her into signing over the shares back to him.
Zakithi continues playing hide and seek with Nkululeko but he is not having any of it and is getting impatient.
In Chatworth, Navin plays tricks on Mira and tells her to put all her affiliations to the past.


Ngcolosi tells Zithulele that he will always be his son, whether he really means it remains in question.
Phakade has another dream of his father and this time he is told a clear instruction to take Maluju.
Nkululeko is determined to fight for Zakithi, but he is rejected.
Mira on the other side is surprised that Navin owns a gun after she was earlier told about his burst at eMsamo.


Phakade is not sure about the direction to take nor plan of action.
He asks Zithulele to stand by his side as he gears up for a fight to claim Maluju.
Could Zakithi be up to her tricks? First she agrees to date Nkululeko and later on reveals to Zithulele that she has a plan to oust Nkululeko as the heir.
Shria and Mira make peace, but Mira still accuses her of poisoning the family against Navin.


The battle for Maluju begins. Phakade goes to Ngcolosi about his shares at Maluju and they clash.
The clash between the Bhengus ends with Phakade being thrown out of Maluju by Nkululeko.
Ngcolosi then warns Nkululeko about his family. Buhle Notices Mira’s busted lips and the news of Mira’s troubling relationship reaches Pranav.


Ngcolosi realizes that Phakade has an upper hand.
Does this then mean he will hand over the shares to Phakade?
Mira is asked about her busted lips but Navin is a step ahead and further manipulates her.

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